New Mexico and El Paso, Texas Line Card

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AlcadNiCd & Lead Acid Substation Batteries & Chargers
BitronicsUtility Power Measurement Devices; Substation Automation
Concast (NM only)Box Pads & Cable Trench
EA TechnologyPartial Discharge Measurement & Asset Mgt. Consulting Services
Earth ContactHelical Guying & Pole Line Hardware
GalvanGround Rods & Accessories
HapcoAluminum Light Poles & Mast Arms
HiokiElectrical Test & Measurement Instruments
Hitachi T&DHV Utility Circuit Breakers
Howard IndustriesDistribution & Medium Power Transformers, Voltage Regulators
IFD CorporationInternal Transformer Fault Detectors
Innovative Utility Products(Fault Wizard) Primary Cable Fault Location System
NGK-LockeMV & HV Polymer & Porcelain Insulators
OFILDaytime Inspection Systems; Corona Cameras
Phenix Technologies (NM onlyHi Power Test Systems & Components
Power Delivery Products Inc.Fault Indicators & Smart Grid Solutions
Power SurveyPad-Mounted & Overhead Capacitor Banks; Harmonic Filtering
Princeton Tec (NM only)Industrial LED Headlamps & Handhelds
Reinhausen/ICMITransformer and Regulator Monitoring and Controls
Ripley Lighting ControlsPhotocontrols, Power Taps, Lighting Contactors
Ritz Instrument Transformers (NM only)LV & MV Instrument Transformers
S&C Electric CompanyMV & HV Switching and Protection
SensorlinkHotstick Mounted Meters & Recorders
Shakespeare (NM only)Composite Utility Poles & Crossarms; Decorative Lighting Poles
Southwire CompanyLV, MV & HV Wire & Cable Solutions
TFO (Taihan Fiber Optics)OPGW & ADSS Optical Wire & Cable
Travis Pattern & Foundry (PDU)Substation Connectors & Fittings
Trench (NM only)HV Instrument Transformers, Reactors & Bushings
Trinity-Meyer Utility StructuresTubular Transmission & Substation Steel Structures
Unitech Power TechnologySubstation Switching Safety Systems
UticomCompliant Graphics for Harsh Utility Environments
UtilcoSecondary Connectors for Electric Utility Applications
VanquishSubstation and Security Fencing
Vision Metering (NM only)Meters, Data Collection